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Stucture and Learning

Within our daily schedule we provide children with experiences that enrich and enhance their cognitive, language, social/emotional, physical and creative development.  Our Preschool and Kindergarten children develop a positive self-image and independence through a balance of self and teacher directed activities, using constructive guidance and positive reinforcement.


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Learning with Fun

For young children, play is often a full body activity that helps them develop skills they will need later

Creative Zone

Creative Zone was formed with this intention of providing effective creativity and inculcate creative ideas.


We understand child development at nursery level and how critical sport can be to stimulate motor skills, cognition and

Limited Number of Students

Pre-primary classrooms with a restricted number of students and trained teachers plays a vital role  in laying a strong foundation for a life time of  learning and holistic development.

Pollution Free Environment

In G.R. Patel we are living in a dream of breathing  in fresh air . we are providing pollution free  spacious ,bright with natural light atmosphere.

Value Based Education

A good  and interesting story of child hood  always remain in our memory for the  life long. A story is  a good tool to instill a value in the learner.studies have found that value based education impacts  behavior ,personal well being and attitude. This leads  to improvement in creativity, academic  achievement , self esteem,decision making , problem solving skills and understanding of the world  around us. 

Activity Based Learning

The idea of activity  based learning is rooted in the common notion that children are active learners  rather than passive recipients of the information. So we provide optimum learning environment then  learning becomes joyful and long lasting. 

Toy House

Biggest attraction of our school for the  kids,   A LAND OF JOY ,SMILES AND GIGGLES. 


Water Play gives many opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills across age ranges. Children will increase their

Nature Walk

By staying in the outdoors and being surrounded by nature, children have an experience of a free flowing environment that

Smt. Gomtiben Rambhai Patel Kindergarten School

Do more of what you love and feel great

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